Friday, December 26, 2008

~*~Where I hurt, I grow~*~

Where I hurt, I grow.
Where I hurt, I learn.
Where I hurt, I atone.
Where I hurt, I am alive.

If I could know why I hurt,
and go back enough in time,
I would uncause it, and yet
I know that now is too late.

But now is back in time for later,
so I need to learn all I can
of the living ethics and physics
to avoid future pain.

I search for the Book of Ethics
and find it in other people's eyes.
I struggle with force and matter
and find it all gentling with love.

Where I learned, let me teach.
Where I suffered, let me heal.
Where I took, let me give.
Where I stumbled, let me warn.

1 comment:

firebird said...

I like this--"now is back in time for later" is a very good line!
This poem gives a lot to think about...also the colors add meaning and rhythm--never would have thought of that! Enjoyed it.

Thank you for visiting my blog--and best wishes to you for the New Year!