Tuesday, December 30, 2008

~*~Happy New Year~*~

H I T   I M A G E

Friday, December 26, 2008

~*~Where I hurt, I grow~*~

Where I hurt, I grow.
Where I hurt, I learn.
Where I hurt, I atone.
Where I hurt, I am alive.

If I could know why I hurt,
and go back enough in time,
I would uncause it, and yet
I know that now is too late.

But now is back in time for later,
so I need to learn all I can
of the living ethics and physics
to avoid future pain.

I search for the Book of Ethics
and find it in other people's eyes.
I struggle with force and matter
and find it all gentling with love.

Where I learned, let me teach.
Where I suffered, let me heal.
Where I took, let me give.
Where I stumbled, let me warn.

Monday, December 15, 2008

~*~Just A Thought Of You~*~

~*~Just A Thought Of You~*~

Was I only dreaming these past few months away?
When I thought of touching your face each day?
Through it all, there's one thing that kept me sane.
Keeping my unguarded tears from falling like rain.

Just a thought of you and new strength was mine,
That?s all I need to be revive and feel fine. 
Though I would often try to figure it out and think,
But then my heart would suddenly start to sink.

Could I have done more to keep a day with a smile?
For your lips to be mine for than just a while?
Were you content on my side each day and night?
Even though I'm always out of your sight?

Am I doing enough for you to hold and keep?
A silhouette of you engraved inside so deep.
Now that I have everything I wanted here, 
Will I lost everything I held so near? 

Listen,I have never ever met anyone like you before,
Yet, I have dreamt of you all of my life.
Not mine