Tuesday, December 30, 2008

~*~Happy New Year~*~

H I T   I M A G E

Friday, December 26, 2008

~*~Where I hurt, I grow~*~

Where I hurt, I grow.
Where I hurt, I learn.
Where I hurt, I atone.
Where I hurt, I am alive.

If I could know why I hurt,
and go back enough in time,
I would uncause it, and yet
I know that now is too late.

But now is back in time for later,
so I need to learn all I can
of the living ethics and physics
to avoid future pain.

I search for the Book of Ethics
and find it in other people's eyes.
I struggle with force and matter
and find it all gentling with love.

Where I learned, let me teach.
Where I suffered, let me heal.
Where I took, let me give.
Where I stumbled, let me warn.

Monday, December 15, 2008

~*~Just A Thought Of You~*~

~*~Just A Thought Of You~*~

Was I only dreaming these past few months away?
When I thought of touching your face each day?
Through it all, there's one thing that kept me sane.
Keeping my unguarded tears from falling like rain.

Just a thought of you and new strength was mine,
That?s all I need to be revive and feel fine. 
Though I would often try to figure it out and think,
But then my heart would suddenly start to sink.

Could I have done more to keep a day with a smile?
For your lips to be mine for than just a while?
Were you content on my side each day and night?
Even though I'm always out of your sight?

Am I doing enough for you to hold and keep?
A silhouette of you engraved inside so deep.
Now that I have everything I wanted here, 
Will I lost everything I held so near? 

Listen,I have never ever met anyone like you before,
Yet, I have dreamt of you all of my life.
Not mine

Monday, September 22, 2008

~*~You’re the thought~*~

You’re the thought that starts each morning,
The conclusion to each day.
You are in all that I do,
And everything I say.

You’re the smile on my face,
The twinkle in my eye.
The warmth inside my heart,
The fullness in my life.

You’re the hand that’s laced in mine,
And the coat upon my back.
My friend, my love,
My shoulder to lean on.

You’re my silly, mature, caring,
Thoughtful, bright, and honest lovy.
The one who holds me tightly,
When I need to cry.

You’re the dimple in my cheek,
The ever-constant tingle in my soul.
The voice that makes me weak,
The happiness of my life.

You are all I’ve wanted,
You are all I need.
You are all I’ve dreamed of,
You are all of this to me.